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Teine Sāmoa

$30.00 NZD

Author: Dahlia Malaeulu
Middle Grade / Young Adult
ISBN 978-1-877484-02-5
Paperback RRP $25 (NZ)
Softcover 154 pages 172 x 203 mm

Teine Sāmoa was originally written and published as an ebook during the New Zealand lockdown in May 2020. The story follows the journey of cultural identity and discovery for four junior high school students, their families and their teachers and, most importantly, anyone who has ever faced the challenges of being a teine Sāmoa. 


The paperback edition of Teine includes the original Teine Sāmoa story, study questions for students and the Teine Sāmoa Project, a space created for teine Sāmoa to share their real life stories.

A first of it's kind, Teine Sāmoa is a rich literacy resource that reflects us and our stories to help others understand us as tagata Sāmoa. It can be easily integrated into Intermediate and High School English programmes, and aims to develop the cultural confidence of all New Zealanders and teachers across our schools in order for us all - 
Pasifika and non-Pasifika tamaiti, āiga and educators - to better support our tamaiti in succeeding as proud teine and tama Sāmoa.


Dahlia Malaeulu is a New Zealand-born Sāmoan, with her father Malo Gray originating from the village of Sinamoga and her mother Lagi Gray (née Saletele) from the village of Vaivase tai. Dahlia is married to Mani Malaeulu and is the proud mother of two young boys, Mason and Isaia.

Dahlia is a passionate educator at heart, and in 2019 she released the first books of the ‘Mila’s My Gagana’ series, a set of early Sāmoan language readers (Malia Shares, Lagi Spies and Mase’s Room) for pre-school and junior-primary-aged children. The series is a rich literacy resource for all children, families and educators in order to support and develop the learning of basic Gagana Sāmoa (the Sāmoan language).

Ultimately, Dahlia would like to enable tamaiti to confidently and proudly succeed as Pasifika. This is why she is working towards creating accessible quality Pasifika stories and resources that reflect Pasifika values, languages, cultures and – most importantly – our tamaiti.

Ia soifua ma ia manuia,

Dahlia Malaeulu